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Greg Ansin and Michael Neel are the brains and animators behind Infinite Santa 8000.  They have worked together for the past nine years on horror films, documentaries, music videos, and television shows.

In 2007, Michael and Greg worked on Laban: The Meaning of the EDSA Revolution, Michael as Editor and Director of Photography and Greg as Executive Producer.  Laban features exclusive interviews with former First Lady of The Philippines Imelda Marcos and former President Cory

Recently, Greg and Michael created Drive-In Horrorshow, a horror film that has been very well reviewed by horror industry leaders such as Fangoria and HorrorHound magazine.  Drive-In Horrorshow was released on DVD on July 5 2011 by Midnight Releasing.

Joe Lemieux graduated from Full Sail University in 1998 with an Associates of Science Degree in Film & Television Production. He has eighteen years of experience in the Boston film industry on a variety of projects. Joe has worked with Grim Films since 2007.

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